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Ph.D. dissertation


Title: « Changer les habitudes ou changer les habitants ? Sociologie d’un mouvement de réforme alimentaire à La Nouvelle-Orléans, 2000-2010 » [Changing Habits or Inhabitants? Sociology of a Food Reform Movement in New Orleans, 2000-2010], Ph.D. in Sociology, School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS), 2016, 3 vol., 1033 pp.

Committee: Pap Ndiaye (Chair, Professor of Contemporary History, Sciences Po), Anne Lovell (Research Professor in Anthropology, INSERM), Dominique Memmi (Advisor, Research Professor in Political Science, CNRS), Erik Neveu (Professor of Political Science, IEP, University of Rennes), Christian Topalov (Advisor, Research Professor in Sociology, EHESS), Didier Torny (Research Professor in Sociology, INRA)

3 December 2018