VAHABI Mehrdad


Mehrdad Vahabi The Political Economy of Predation : Manhunting and the Economics of Escape, New York, Cambridge University Press, 2015 - 430 p.

Still in early stages of development, conflict theory presents a growing interest in understanding the economic costs and benefits of conflicts. In this book, Mehrdad Vahabi analyses one type of conflict in particular : manhunting, or predation, in which a dominant power hunts down its prey and (...) Lire la suite...

Mehrdad Vahabi, The Political Economy of Destructive Power, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, 2004 - 296 p.

Economic science has extensively studied the creative power of individuals and social groups, but it has largely ignored the destructive power of economic agents. This highly original book redresses the balance and, for the first time, looks at how much an agent can destroy. Destructive power (...) Lire la suite...

20 mars 2017