Guilhot Nicolas

Coordination d’ouvrages et de dossiers de revues

Daniel Bessner and Nicolas Guilhot, eds. The Decisionist Imagination : Democracy, Sovereignty and the Social Sciences, Oxford : Berghahn Books, 278 p. (forthcoming October 2018)

In the decades following World War II, the science of decision-making moved from the periphery to the center of transatlantic thought. The Decisionist Imagination explores how “decisionism” emerged from its origins in prewar political theory to become an object of intense social scientific (...) Lire la suite...

Brian Schmidt and Nicolas Guilhot, eds. Historiographical Investigations in International Relations New York : Palgrave Macmillan in International Relations, New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2018 - XV, 226 p.

This book critically investigates the historiography of International Relations. For the past fifteen years, the field has witnessed the development of a strong interest in the history of the discipline. The chapters in this edited volume, written by some of the field’s preeminent disciplinary (...) Lire la suite...

Nicolas Guilhot (ed.), The Invention of International Relations : Realism, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rise of IR Theory, New York : Columbia University Press, 2011 - 312 p.

The 1954 Conference on Theory, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, featured a who’s who of scholars and practitioners debating the foundations of international relations theory. Assembling his own team of experts, all of whom have struggled with this legacy, Nicolas Guilhot revisits a (...) Lire la suite...

23 août 2018