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Roussel Violaine

Organization of Conferences

  • 2018, September 13-14, “Paris & Hollywood: Transnational Strategies and Circulations in the Film and Television Industries,” CRESPPA-CNRS, Paris.
  • 2017, December 8: “Transnational Hollywood,” held at USC, an international event cosponsored by UC Santa Barbara and the French National Agency for Scientific Research (CNRS).
  • 2015, June 1st: International Symposium “Invisible Hands of Popular Culture,” co-organized with Audrey Mariette, CRESPPA-CNRS, Paris.
  • 2014-2015: Seminar series on “Digital Practices,” co-organized with Ann Crigler, USC (October 2014; January 2015; March 2015).
  • 2014, May 12-13: Symposium “How Art Does Politics II,” a USC-UCLA event co-organized with Steven Ross and William Roy.
  • 2014, March 7: Workshop “Agent of Change: Talent Agencies in the Transformation of the Film Industry” held at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, co-organized with Michael Renov (USC).
  • 2013-2014: Conference Series on “Ethnography in Comparative Perspective,” co-organized with Ann Crigler (USC Political Science), in the context of the MOU between Univ. Paris VIII and USC (November 15 2013, February 14 and April 11, 2014).
  • 2013 November 20-22, Symposium on “Immersion: representations, practices and experiences of immersion in social sciences and journalism”, IEP de Rennes, France. (member of the organization committee)
  • 2013, Sept. 3-6: Workshop on “The ‘trial’ as a form: uses and subversion strategies”, International Congress: Sociology of Law and Political Action, International Sociological Association, Toulouse, France (co-organized with L. Blévis & D. Puccio Den).
  • 2013, Feb. 7-8: International Conference “Politics in Art Forms” / UCLA (Royce Hall) & USC (School of Cinematic Arts), Los Angeles. Co-organized with William Roy, Anurima Banerji & Steven Ross.
  • 2012: International Conference “Ethics and Practices of Responsibility”, University of Paris 8, November 19-20, 2012.
  • 2012: International conference on Intermediaries, Brokers, Gatekeepers and Prescribers: Key Actors of Artistic Creation, Strasbourg, France, June 20-22, co-organized with L. Jeanpierre & al.
  • 2011, International Conference: « Global Justice », University of Southern California, Los Angeles, April 7-8 (co-organized with Ann Crigler and Lyn Boyd Judson).
  • 2011, Symposium, EHESS, « Law, Justice, Violence / Droit, justice, violence », Inter-university Research Group (GIL, ISP/GSPM/LabToP), Paris, January 20.
  • 2010, International workshop: « How Art Does Politics », UCLA, Los Angeles, September 20-21 (co-organized with William Roy).
  • 2010, April 9, Symposium, Maison Suger-CNRS, Paris: « Professional Norms and Legitimate Violence » co-organized with Cédric Moreau de Bellaing (ENS) and Delphine Moreau (EHESS).
  • 2009, International Conference, University Paris Ouest-Nanterre, « Rethinking Social Boundaries / Comment penser les frontières sociales ? », Institut des sciences sociales du politique, June 15 (co-organized with Claire de Galembert).
  • 2009, Symposium, University Paris VIII, « Art and Commitment / Arts et Engagement », Laboratoire Théories du Politique, June 8 (co-organized with Christine Cadot).
  • 2009, Symposium, University Paris VIII: « Symbolic Struggles in the Public Sphere / Les luttes symboliques dans l’espace public », April.
  • 2008, International conference, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris Nord: « The Political Voice of Artists / La parole politique des artistes », September.
  • 2007, International conference, University Paris X-Nanterre: « Arts and Politics: a French-American Perspective / Arts et politique : Perspectives franco-américaines », November.

16 May 2019