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  • Catherine Bonvalet, Céline Clément and Jim Ogg, Renewing the Family: A History of the Baby Boomers, vol.4, Springer International Publishing, coll. “INED Population Studies”, 2015 - 346 p.
    Abstract: This book traces the history of the baby-boomers, beginning with an explanation of the cause of the post-war baby boom and ending with the contemporary concerns of ageing boomers. It shows how the baby-boomers challenged traditional family attitudes and adopted new lifestyles in the 1960s and 1970s. Drawing on 90 interviews conducted with baby boomers living in London and Paris, the book demonstrates how their aspirations for leisure and consumption converged with family responsibilities and obligations. It shows how the baby boomers emerged from an authoritative upbringing to challenge some of the traditional assumptions of the family, such as marriage and cohabitation. The rise of feminism led by the baby-boomers is examined, together with its impact on family forms and structures. The book shows how women’s trajectories veered between the two extremes of family and employment, swerving between the models of stay-at-home mother and working woman. It demonstrates how new family configurations such as solo parenting, and recomposed families were adopted by the baby boomers. Today, as they enter into retirement, the baby-boomers remain closely involved in the lives of their children and parents, although relationships with elderly parents are maintained primarily through a sense of duty and obligation. The book concludes that the baby boomers have both been influenced by and actors to the changes and transformations that have occurred to family life. They reconciled, and continue to reconcile, individualism with family obligations. As grandparents often with an ageing parent still alive, the baby boomers wish to keep the independence that has been the hallmark of their generation whilst not abandoning family life...
  • Marie Cartier, Isabelle Coutant, Olivier Masclet and Yasmine Siblot, The France of the Little-Middles : A Suburban Housing Development in Greater Paris, traduit par Juliette Rogers, Berghanh Books, coll. “Anthropology of Europe”, 2016 - 224 p - (Traduction de : La France des « petits-moyens ». Enquête sur la banlieue pavillonnaire, Paris : La Découverte, 2008 - 324 p.).
    Abstract: The Poplars housing development in suburban Paris is home to what one resident called the “Little-Middles” – a social group on the tenuous border between the working- and middle- classes. In the 1960s The Poplars was a site of upward social mobility, which fostered an egalitarian sense of community among residents. This feeling of collective flourishing was challenged when some residents moved away, selling their homes to a new generation of upwardly mobile neighbors from predominantly immigrant backgrounds. This volume explores the strained reception of these migrants, arguing that this is less a product of racism and xenophobia than of anxiety about social class and the loss of a sense of community that reigned before.
  • Danielle Chabaud- Rychter, Virginie Descoutures, Anne-Marie Devreux and Eleni Varikas, O gênero nas ciências sociais. Releituras críticas de Max Weber a Bruno Latour, traduit par Lineimar Pereira Martins, Editora Universidade de Brasília ; Fundação Editora da Unesp, 2014 - 584 p - (Traduction en portugais (Brésil) de : Sous les sciences sociales le genre. Relectures critiques de Max Weber à Bruno Latour, La Découverte, 2010.).
    Abstract: Os 34 ensaios desta obra analisam criticamente as contribuições e lacunas de autores clássicos das Ciências Sociais sob a perspectiva dos estudos de gênero. Cobrindo um amplo espectro temático - analisando produções que vão de Auguste Comte a Carlo Ginzburg, passando por Claude Lévi-Strauss, Anthony Giddens e Edward Thompson -, estes textos compõem um volume indispensável para os interessados não só em temas relacionados à desigualdade sexual, mas também na própria história do pensamento social. Mais ainda que um novo olhar sobre as Ciências Sociais normásculas, talvez seja esse modo salteador produtivo e imaginativo, esse caminho da bandita que nos interessa propor aqui, por meio das numerosas releituras críticas feministas mobilizadas no decorrer desta obra e que poderiam muito bem revelar um dos efeitos teóricos da fúria dos oprimidos.
  • Maria Eugenia Cosio-Zavala, Marie-Laure Coubès and Patricio Solís, Generaciones, cursos de vida y desigualdad social en México, Ciudad de México : D.F : El Colegio De México, 2016 - 525 p.
  • Maria Eugenia Cosio-Zavala and Virginie Rozée, El género en movimiento. Familias y migraciones, Mexico : D.F : El Colegio De México, 2014 - 408 p.
    Abstract: Esta obra trata de las migraciones de mujeres y de hombres de América Latina y de las transformaciones que éstas provocan en las relaciones de género, en las familias y en la vida laboral, tanto en los países de destino como de origen. En este libro hay ejemplos de la variedad y la complejidad de los contextos y situaciones.

  • Jane Freedman, Gender, Violence and Politics in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Aldershot : Ashgate, coll. “Gender in a Global/Local World”, 2015 - 176 p.
    Abstract: The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been called the ‘worst place in the world’ for women, with reports of widespread and horrific incidents of rape and sexual violence and almost complete impunity for the perpetrators of such violence. However, despite the high profile media reporting on sexual violence in the DRC, and the widely publicized responses of the international community, there is still very little real analysis of the real situation of women in the country. This book provides such detailed analysis of gender relations in the DRC, and goes beyond the usual explanations of sexual violence as a product of conflict, to examine the complex and socially constructed gender norms and roles which underlie incidences of violence. The book benefits from a comprehensive account of men’s and women’s roles in conflict, violence, peace building and reconstruction, and evaluates the impacts of national and international political responses. In doing so, this book provides valuable new evidence and analysis of the complex and multilayered conflicts in the DRC. Contents : Introduction ; Gender relations in pre- and post-colonial Congo ; Gender and armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo ; Sexual and gender-based violence : merely a product of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo ? ; Gender and peacebuilding ; Women’s political participation and representation : or why are women still excluded from politics in the Democratic Republic of Congo ? ; International responses : are they effective ? ; Conclusions ; Bibliography ; Index.

  • Jane Freedman, Gendering the International Asylum and Refugee Debate, Second Edition, Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015 - VII, 216 p.
    Abstract: This fully-revised second edition of Gendering the International Asylum and Refugee Debate aims to remedy the current lack of gender-specific analyses of asylum and refugee issues. It provides a comprehensive account of the situation of women in global forced migration and explains the ways in which women’s experiences are shaped by gendered relations and structures. With fully updated content, Freedman presents a wide-ranging examination of all sides of the asylum and refugee debate, looking at causes of refugee flows ; international laws and conventions and their application ; responses to refugees and asylum seekers ; policies and legislation of Western governments in relation to refugees and asylum seekers ; and the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers themselves.
  • Camille Peugny, Destino vem do berço (O)? Desigualdades e reprodução social, traduit par Vanina Carrara Sigrist, Papirus Editora, 2014 - (Traduction en portugais de : C. Peugny, Le destin au berceau. Inégalités et reproduction sociale, Seuil / République des idées, 2013.).

  • Alain Quemin and Glaucia Villas Bôas (eds.), Arte e vida social: Pesquisas recentes no Brasil e na França, Marseille : OpenEdition Press, coll. “Brésil / France | Brasil / França”, 2016 - 454 p - (Édition brésilienne de "Art et société : recherches récentes et regards croisés Brésil-France", Marseille: OpenEdition Press, 2016.).
    Abstract: Se a riqueza das trocas entre o Brasil e a França é bastante conhecida no âmbito das ciências sociais como a sociologia ou a antropologia, campos em que a presença francesa no Brasil suscitou intercâmbios muito fecundos que beneficiaram as duas tradições nacionais, o mesmo não acontece na sociologia da arte, área em que os laços entre os dois países ainda permanecem em grande parte inexplorados. Porém, existem claramente duas tradições nacionais marcadas cada uma pelo forte desenvolvimento desse campo de pesquisa, e, devido a seu progresso inegável, as pesquisas que se destacaram tanto no Brasil como na França forçosamente se encontraram. Esta obra intenta apresentar o estado da sociologia da arte na França e no Brasil. Ambos os países apresentando forte tradição sociológica, trata-se de destacar as especificidades de cada um, mas também os traços em comum, assim como os temas sobre os quais dialogam, quer estejam já iniciados, quer ainda estejam para acontecer.

  • Violaine Roussel, Representing Talent. Hollywood Agents and the Making of Movies, The University of Chicago Press, 2017 - 256 p.
    Abstract: Audiences love the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but beyond the red carpet and behind the velvet curtain exists a legion of individuals who make showbiz work: agents. Whether literary, talent, or indie film, agents are behind the scenes brokering power, handling mediation, and doing the deal-making that keeps Hollywood spinning. In Representing Talent, Violaine Roussel explores the little-known but decisive work of agents, turning the spotlight on how they help produce popular culture. The book takes readers behind the scenes to observe the day-to-day activities of agents, revealing their influence on artistic careers and the prospects of Hollywood’s forthcoming projects. Agents are crucial to understanding how creative and economic power are intertwined in Hollywood today. They play a key role in the process by which artistic worth and economic value are evaluated and attributed to people and projects. Roussel’s fieldwork examines what “having relationships” really means for agents, and how they perform the relationship work that’s at the heart of their professional existence and success. Representing Talent helps us to understand the players behind the definition of entertainment itself, as well as behind its current transformations.
  • Yves Sintomer, Das demokratische Experiment : Geschichte des Losverfahrens in der Politik von Athen bis heute, Wiesbaden : Springer-VS, 2016 - 296 p.
  • Yves Sintomer, Anja Röcke and Carsten Herzberg, Participatory budgeting in Europe: democracy and public governance, Ashgate Publishing, 2016 - 252 p - (Traduction de : Les budgets participatifs en Europe. Des Services publics au Service du public, La Découverte 2008).
    Abstract: Can participatory budgeting help make public services really work for the public ? Incorporating a range of experiments in ten different countries, this book provides the first comprehensive analysis of participatory budgeting in Europe and the effect it has had on democracy, the modernization of local government, social justice, gender mainstreaming and sustainable development. By focussing on the first decade of European participatory budgeting and analysing the results and the challenges affecting the agenda today it provides a critical appraisal of the participatory model. Detailed comparisons of European cases expose similarities and differences between political cultures and offer a strong empirical basis to discuss the theories of deliberative and participatory democracy and reveal contradictory tendencies between political systems, public administrations and democratic practices.
  • Sylvie Tissot, Good Neighbors. Gentrifying Diversity in Boston’s South End, traduit par David Broder, Catherine Romatowski, London, New York : Verso Books, 2015 - 288 p - (Traduction de : S. Tissot, De bons voisins : enquête dans un quartier de la bourgeoisie progressiste, Paris, Editions Raisons d'Agir, 2011.).
    Abstract: What we talk about when we talk about gentrification... Cities are the prime locus of class conflict today. Often described as gentrification, the material bases and concrete manifestations of this new form of social violence have too often gone uncharted, however. Through a historical and ethnographical account of the changing face of one former working-class neighborhood in Boston, Good Neighbors provides fascinating insights into how the urban elites have reshaped the neighborhood they now inhabit. Investigating the mix of inclusion and exclusion that characterizes elite culture, Tissot demonstrates that while new mixed demographics emerged and coexistence alongside “different” populations – whether for their income, their ethnic origins, or their sexual orientation – have become a prized quality, social barriers have not in any sense been erased, indeed quite the contrary.
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