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Li Rongxin - CRESPPA - UMR 7217-CSU


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26 mai 2020

Rongxin Li

Doctorant à l’Université Paris 8


Thèse en cours

Rongxin Li, « The Research on the System and Mechanism of Legislative Consultation : a Comparative Study between China and France from the Perspective of Deliberative Democracy », thèse à l’Université Paris 8 (bourse doctorale du Gouvernement chinois), sous la direction d’Yves Sintomer.

This dissertation in political science is a study of "deliberative democracy" in different contexts. Even though the Chinese context is mostly based on what some academics have called the "authoritarian deliberation", we shouldn’t ignore the legislative consultations which are an important path to promote scientific and democratic legislations. Based on the studies on provincial and municipal levels, this dissertation will focus on the conceptions of legislative consultation, operation mechanisms, problems and solutions. In France, the CNDP is responsible for informing the general public and ensuring that their views are taken into account throughout the decision-making process for major planning projects and amenities. The methodologies include case study, literature study and interviews.