Contre la réforme des retraites et la LPPR : le  5 mars, la recherche s'arrête

Yves Sintomer, Rudolf Traub-Merz and Junhua Zhang (ed.) Participatory Budgeting in Asia and Europe. Key Challenges of Participation, Palgrave Macmillan, 2013 – 288 p.

Citizens’ participation, especially participatory budgeting, has spread in both Asia and Europe, and has been a symbol of democratic renewal. These transformations are already very visible in Europe, where more than 200 municipalities have adopted participatory budgeting. By contrast, in some Asian democracies, such as Japan or South Korea, it has considerably enlarged the agenda of citizen participation, integrating new forms such as taxpayers’ budgets. In other countries, especially in China, participatory budgeting represents some adaptations of opening and transparency. With a global cast of authors, this study provides an overview of the impact of these devices, such as improving the modernisation of public administration or improving the contact between citizens and politicians, and documents the latest developments of citizen participation in both continents.

18 avril 2021

Yves Sintomer

Professeur à l’Université Paris 8
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