Contre la réforme des retraites et la LPPR : le  5 mars, la recherche s'arrête


Eleni Varikas, avec Keith McClelland, Leonore Davidoff, Gender and History. Retrospect and prospect Wiley-Blackwell, 2000, 232 p.

This book presents a wide-ranging and important collection of new work on gender history. It includes a variety of international contributions which provide the reader with a global perspective on how gender history has developed and where it is going.
The subjects covered include gendered space, colonial identites, biology and science, politics, citizenship and the public shere, work, family, and oral history. Ranging from Europe to Asia, Australia to North and South America, together the essays provide an essential guide to the recent and future direction of gender history.

18 avril 2021

Eleni Varikas

Professeure émérite à l’Université Paris 8
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