Jane Freedman, Gender, Violence and Politics in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Aldershot : Ashgate, 2015 - 163 p.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been called the ‘worst place in the world’ for women, with reports of widespread and horrific incidents of rape and sexual violence and almost complete impunity for the perpetrators of such violence. However, despite the high profile media reporting on sexual violence in the DRC, and the widely publicized responses of the international community, there is still very little real analysis of the real situation of women in the country. This book provides such detailed analysis of gender relations in the DRC, and goes beyond the usual explanations of sexual violence as a product of conflict, to examine the complex and socially constructed gender norms and roles which underlie incidences of violence. The book benefits from a comprehensive account of men’s and women’s roles in conflict, violence, peace building and reconstruction, and evaluates the impacts of national and international political responses. In doing so, this book provides valuable new evidence and analysis of the complex and multilayered conflicts in the DRC.

Contents : Introduction ; Gender relations in pre- and post-colonial Congo ; Gender and armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo ; Sexual and gender-based violence : merely a product of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo ? ; Gender and peacebuilding ; Women’s political participation and representation : or why are women still excluded from politics in the Democratic Republic of Congo ? ; International responses : are they effective ? ; Conclusions ; Bibliography ; Index.

22 avril 2016

Jane Freedman

Professeure à l’Université Paris 8
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