Jan Jansen et Clemens Zobel (dir.), The younger brother in Mande : kinship and politics in West Africa Leiden : Centre of Non Western Studies, 1996 - 128 p.

Sentiments associated with the junior/elder brother relationship reflect deep-seated, far-reaching realities of Mande society and politics that are explored for the first time in the papers collected by Jan Jansen en Clemens Zobel. In the process of exploring the role of the younger brother in Mande society, the contributors to this volume introduce an interesting new perspective on the inner workings of one of the most dynamic and historically fascinating cultures of sub-Saharan Africa. Through the discussions involving the dynamics of fraternal relations, featured not only in venerable oral tradition but in today’s Mande world, this volume addresses issues central to a very significant portion of West African society from early times to present.

14 mai 2016

Clemens Zobel

Maître de conférences à l’Université Paris 8
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