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  • Denise Bielby et Violaine Roussel (éd.), Brokerage and Production in the American and French Entertainment Industries: Invisible Hands in Cultural Markets, New York : Lexington Books, 2015 - 220 p.
    Invisible Hands in Cultural Markets shines unprecedented light on the activity of talent representatives and production professionals in the American and French film and television industries. Agents and other talent brokers, studio executives, independent producers, casting directors, and film offices—all operate and interact behind the scenes in ways that are consequential to the making of artistic careers and cultural products. But even as these professionals play a crucial role in the entertainment industry, their activity is usually invisible and relatively unknown. This collection of empirically grounded contributions by established and up-and-coming American and French scholars reveals their day-to-day reality. It presents how entertainment industry professionals work and what they experience, demonstrates the ways in which they build relationships with artists and other counterparts, and examines the role they play in shaping the content of film and television projects. Taken together, the chapters put the brokerage of talent and content in comparative perspective. They also challenge taken-for-granted approaches to the study of cultural industries and explore the complex intertwining between commercial and artistic logics.
  • Stephen Coleman, Anna Przybylska et Yves Sintomer (éd.), Deliberation and Democracy: Innovative Processes and Institutions, Peter Lang, coll. Warsaw Studies in Politics and Society, 2015 - 313 p.
    As our experience regarding the practice of deliberation grows, the position from which we evaluate it, and the criteria of this evaluation, change. This book presents a synthesis of recent research that has brought detailed and robust results. Its first section concerns contemporary challenges and new approaches to the public sphere. The second focuses on the Deliberative Poll as a specific deliberative technique and compares findings emanating from this practice in various political and cultural contexts. The third section addresses the challenge of determining what constitutes deliberative quality. Finally, the last section discusses democratic deliberation and deliberative democracy as they relate to the complex challenges of contemporary politics.
  • Maria Eugenia Cosio-Zavala, Marie-Laure Coubès et Patricio Solís (éd.), Generaciones, cursos de vida y desigualdad social en México, Primera edición, México, Ciudad de México : El Colegio De México ; El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, coll. Centro de Estudios Demográficos y Urbanos, 2016 - 509 p.
    Résumé en français Ce livre décrit les effets du changement historique et de l’inégalité sociale, à partir des histoires de vie de trois générations mexicaines nées entre 1951 et 1980, résidant dans les grandes villes du pays. Les données proviennent d’une source de données spécifique : l’enquête EDER de 2011, une enquête démographique rétrospective qui collecte les principaux événements vécus par les individus tout au long de leurs trajectoires démographiques, scolaires et professionnelles. Avec la participation de spécialistes, chaque chapitre aborde une facette particulière des biographies personnelles, depuis le comportement démographique classique et ses corrélats (fécondité, migration, vie familiale, etc.), jusqu’à d’autres secteurs clés de la vie sociale (comme l’éducation et la mobilité professionnelle). Ce travail est destiné à être un ouvrage fondamental pour comprendre la relation entre les changements historiques et les biographies individuelles dans le Mexique contemporain. Résumé en espagnol En este libro se analizan justamente los efectos del cambio histórico y la desigualdad social, a partir de tres generaciones de mexicanos nacidos en el periodo transcurrido entre 1951 y 1980, residentes en las grandes ciudades del país. Se utiliza una rica fuente de datos: la EDER 2011, una encuesta retrospectiva que recopila los principales eventos en sus trayectorias demográficas, educativas y laborales. Con la participación de destacados especialistas, cada capítulo analiza una faceta particular de las biografías personales, desde los comportamientos demográficos clásicos y sus correlatos (fecundidad, migración, vida familiar, etc.), hasta otros ámbitos clave de la vida social (entre ellos, la educación y la movilidad ocupacional). Esta obra está destinada a ser fundamental para entender la relación entre cambio histórico y biografías personales en el México contemporáneo.

  • Jorge Costa Delgado, Liliane López-Rabatel, José Luis Moreno Pestaña et Yves Sintomer (éd.), « Sorteo y democracia/Sortition and Democracy », Daimon Revista Internacional de Filosofía, n°72, 7 novembre 2017.

  • Guita Grin Debert et Helena Hirata (éd.), « Gênero e Cuidado », Cadernos Pagu, n°46, 2016 - en ligne : (Consulté le 25 août 2017).

  • Joan Font, Donatella della Porta et Yves Sintomer (éd.), Participatory Democracy in Southern Europe. Causes, Characteristics and Consequences, Londres : Rowman and Littlefield, 2014 - 262 p.
    Citizen participation is a central component of democratic governance. As participatory schemes have grown in number and gained in social legitimacy over recent years, the research community has analyzed the virtues of participatory policies from several points of view, but usually giving focus to the most successful and well-known grass-roots cases. This book examines a wider range of participatory interventions that have been created or legitimized by central governments, providing original exploration of institutional democratic participatory mechanisms. Looking at a huge variety of subnational examples across Italy, Spain and France, the book interrogates the rich findings of a substantial research project. The authors use quantitative and qualitative methods to compare why these cases of participatory mechanisms have emerged, how they function, and what cultural impact they’ve achieved. This allows highly original insights into why participatory mechanisms work in some places, but not others, and the sorts of choices that organizers of participatory processes have to consider when creating such policies.

  • Jane Freedman, Zeynep Kıvılcım et Nurcan Özgür Baklacıoğlu (éd.), A gendered approach to the Syrian refugee crisis, Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, coll. Routledge Studies in Development, Mobilities and Migration, 2017 - 180 p.
    The refugee crisis that began in 2015 has seen thousands of refugees attempting to reach Europe, principally from Syria. The dangers and difficulties of this journey have been highlighted in the media, as have the political disagreements within Europe over the way to deal with the problem. However, despite the increasing number of women making this journey, there has been little or no analysis of women’s experiences or of the particular difficulties and dangers they may face. A Gendered Approach to the Syrian Refugee Crisis examines women’s experience at all stages of forced migration, from the conflict in Syria, to refugee camps in Lebanon or Turkey, on the journey to the European Union and on arrival in an EU member state. The book deals with women’s experiences, the changing nature of gender relations during forced migration, gendered representations of refugees, and the ways in which EU policies may impact differently on men and women. The book provides a nuanced and complex assessment of the refugee crisis, and shows the importance of analysing differences within the refugee population.

  • Cédric Lomba, Fernando Blanco et Pablo Neder (éd.), La dinámica de la Relación Capital-Trabajo en las transformaciones del mundo contemporáneo. Su expresión en el mercado de trabajo en Europa y América Latina, Cordoba (Argentine) : Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios sobre Cultura y Sociedad (CIECS) ; Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET) y UNC, 2017 - 210 p.
    La dinámica de la relación Capital-Trabajo se expresa en forma conflictiva en los mercados de Trabajo de América y Europa. Sus diferentes problemáticas son abordadas en este trabajo desde diversas miradas disciplinares.
  • María Eugenia Zavala de Cosío et Virginie Rozée Gomez (éd.), El género en movimiento: familias y migraciones, México, D.F : El Colegio De México, 2014 - 408 p.
    Esta obra trata de las migraciones de mujeres y de hombres de América Latina y de las transformaciones que éstas provocan en las relaciones de género, en las familias y en la vida laboral, tanto en los países de destino como de origen. En este libro hay ejemplos de la variedad y la complejidad de los contextos y situaciones.
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