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C.Benvegnù et al. (eds.), Platformization and Its Discontents - CRESPPA - UMR 7217

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Carlotta Benvegnù, Niccolò Cuppini, Mattia Frapporti, Floriano Milesi and Maurilio Pirone [Into the Black Box] (Eds.), “Platformization and Its Discontents”, South Atlantic Quarterly, vol.120, n°4, October 2021.

Table of Contents

Platform Battlefield : Digital Infrastructures in Capitalism 4.0, Carlotta Benvegnù, Niccolò Cuppini, Mattia Frapporti, Floriano Milesi, and Maurilio Pirone

The Limits of Algorithmic Management : On Platforms, Data, and Workers’ Struggle, Jamie Woodcock

Actually Existing Platformization : Embedding Platforms in Urban Spaces through Partnerships, Niels van Doorn, Eva Mos, and Jelke Bosma

“Platformization” beyond the Point of Production : Reproductive Labor and Gender Roles in the Ride-Hailing and Food-Delivery Sectors, Carlotta Benvegnù and Nelli Kampouri

Digital Workers, Urban Vectors, and New Economies : Examining Labor Response, Resistance, and Reorganization under Platform Capitalism, Francis Kuriakose and Deepa Kylasam Iyer

Platform Urbanization and the Impact on Urban Transformation and Citizenship, Naomi C. Hanakata and Filippo Bignami

Three Currents of Platformization in China, June Wang and Xinyue Yu

Neoliberal Platform Capitalism and Subjectivity : A Study of the Hybridization between Labor Platformization and Viração in Brazil, Fábio Luís Ferreira Nóbrega Franco

Connecting the Levers of Platform Control : Outsourced Labor and Algorithmic Management : A Trans-Urban Study of the Ride-Hailing Sector in Paris and Brussels, Fabien Brugière

Documenting the Everyday Hidden Resistance of Ride-Hailing Platform Drivers to Algorithmic Management in Lagos, Nigeria, Daniel Arubayi

Rider Platforms ? Building Worker-Owned Experiences in Spain, France, and Brazil, Rafael Grohmann

Airbnb Lands in Havana : The Arrival, Adaptation, and Early Impact of a Gringo Platform in Cuba, Tommaso Pirone

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15 décembre 2021

Carlotta Benvegnù

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