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L Barrault-Stella, T.Douniès (Eds.), "Citizenship as a Tool of Government in Europe" - CRESPPA - UMR 7217

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Lorenzo Barrault-Stella et Thomas Douniès (Eds.), « Special Issue: Citizenship as a Tool of Government in Europe », Politics & Policy, vol.49, no 4, 2021.

The state participates in shaping and transmitting citizenship. From a European outlook, this special Issue of Politics & Policy focuses on the role of public policy, according to a comparative and multisectorial perspective. The special Issue originated in a Panel held on September 4, 2019 at the European Consortium of Political Research’s General Conference, at the University of Wroclaw, Poland. This special issue proposes to cross the literature on policy feedback and the sociologies of politics and socialization to renew the study of the institutional shaping of citizenship in several European countries. The articles in this special Issue draw from a plurality of methods, from sociohistory to policy ethnography, and analyze how the state, in the concrete conception and implementation of its action, is a producer of social categorizations determining the legitimate contours of citizenship. Altogether, the case studies in this issue allow us to scrutinize the government of and by citizenship, meanwhile identifying discrepancies and invariants in Europe.

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10 September 2021

Lorenzo Barrault-Stella

Researcher at the CNRS
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Thomas Douniès

Doctoral Student at the University of Picardie Jules Verne
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